Friday, 26 July 2013

Slow life in Bath

Have you ever heard of the Slow Food Movement?
It's an international movement started by an Italian guy called Carlo Petrini in 1986.
They aim to support better way to eat...

"In the fast modern junk food environment, 
Slow Food is the voice of calm, reason and quality. 
We work to promote the greater enjoyment of food 
through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production."

Anyway, today is not about that but quite similar. Having lived in Bath (UK) for several months already, and sometimes going back and forth to London, makes me realize just how much relaxing Bath really is. 

Upon arriving in London, I always feel I have to walk as fast as I can or else the person behind me will get mad. Always have to walk up and down the stairs from one tube station to another. Life is always rushing and passing by quickly when in London...

When time comes to catch a train from Paddington Station back to Bath, I feel as if I'm going on a getaway, to a calm, relaxing and beautiful city. "Home sweet home". Everything is on its own pace, you can walk as slow as you like and no one will look at you angrily. Everyone takes their time. 

Life in Bath is simple and quite down to earth. Old people walk hand-in-hand, teenagers have picnic at the park, families get together in city center, people walking their dogs, people jogging, tourists taking photos, couples walk along the canal... Everywhere in Bath is picturesque. 

I never thought I would love it here this much. 
No wonder it is the World Heritage City, clearly deserves the title!

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